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My partner of 6 years and I are beginning the process of starting our family. I wanted to have a place that I can write about how I'm feeling about the process, and this seems like a great venue for that. All comments, suggestions, advice, etc is greatly appreciated and welcome. Hopefully I'll be up to keeping this up to date through my good days and bad, as I'm sure I'll have lots of ups and downs through this process.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Apologies are in order

I have done something and hurt someone that I consider a dear friend.  A while back I wrote a blog entry about how I was feeling about a situation, and that person found my entry and is now considerably upset.  Honestly, at the time, I wasn't thinking about how it would make her feel and have apologized for that.

I'm making the move over to WordPress.  There I will have the ability to vent and make entries private so that I can still have a place to vent about my feelings without hurting others.  That way portions of it can be  my online journal (and can be password protected or private) instead of a blog that has open access to any and everyone (something that I really never even thought about as well).  I never intended for this to get out to my real life friends, but really didn't take any precautions to keep myself anonymous as well.

All of the old posts have been imported over there.

Here's my new URL for the few of you who read this: CLICK HERE